7 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – Double Dice Set Adjusting | Adjusting Your Dice For Profit

  1. Ah welcome back gang…we have nice video for you today. Double Dice Adjusting… Adjusting on the Fly…
    Well we started with a standard Super Grip…we had to adjust in the fly which is good for you to see it done and see the results from the adjustment.
    Alot of deep information for the crew to absorb and use later for making profits from The casinos.
    Jam packed video gang..
    Thanks for viewing guys
    CK Dangerous Arm

  2. CK, You changed the view again! That level with the table view was my favorite! Please bring it back! This view is just too far away to see clearly! I appreciate all the work you do, but I'm old and I need to see what you're doing if it's going to help. I know you feel like you need to change it up which you've been doing with different grips and dice sets. Just think about the view for us old guys.
    Thanks brother!

  3. Like your new video angle and how you show a close-up view of the dice set, that you're throwing in this video.

  4. Man oh man… Last 2 days I've been watching and adjusting at casino. Made $375 yesterday and $240 today. I'm getting it CK. Took a while and lots of practice to get where I'm at now. My game is getting tighter and tighter. Thanks again CK!!!!

  5. What happened was your rolls are random just like everybody else. "Setting" dice changes nothing.

  6. C K you are the man,my tool bag is so full i got to bring a big old note book to the table (HEE),thanks for the information.

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