CRAPS STRATEGY: Double Tap with $64 Across

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It’s in the Casino Royale on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line that offers complimentary staterooms for 2 as soon as you earn enough points for their current promotion. Earning a “Complimentary” cruise means you only have to pay for the taxes and port fees. Of course, you can earn points on casino games other than craps…We just prefer craps but have been known to occasionally play other games when the craps table isn’t open.

Always check with the casino host for the current cruise promotions.

Earning “FREE” Money, Flights, Cruise Offers, Etc…may include paying out of pocket for taxes and/or other fees.

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DISCLAIMER: We consider playing games in the casino as a form of entertainment that has an associated cost for the experience. Our focus is to minimize financial losses and enjoy the comps along the way. We always advise to never use money in the casino that you are not willing to lose. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem or concerns with gambling responsibly, please call the 24-hour Problem Gambler’s Helpline at 1.800.522.4700

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CRAPS STRATEGY: Double Tap with $64 Across

5 thoughts on “CRAPS STRATEGY: Double Tap with $64 Across

  1. You don't get the $1 vig back when you just won and then regress from $25 to $10 on the 4.

  2. Another great video Brian!! The power press and takedown is a very exciting strategy indeed!! As a request, would you consider doing a video about the $66 inside squeeze strategy? ❤❤. Love the video.

  3. Hey Brian good you try a different method 30 on the 6&8 and 25 in the field. Every time the field hits you put it on a number the only time you collect is when a number hits. The first hit you put it on the 5 then just keep building them up not a bad system thanks

  4. Good fun, Brian! And that's what it's all about…well, that and…free cruises! We're launching from Miami on 05/08 (RC Freedom) for 4 days…adding this strategy to the arsenal!! Thanks for all your effort, brother.

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