10 thoughts on “Craps strategy for $200 bankroll…Hybrid for HOSS!!!

  1. like this one. think better than original from couple days ago. not fighting come out 7 11 math is better . nice job

  2. Such simple logic using a little intuition. You always emphasize awareness of the table, whereas most of us want to follow strategies by rote. Thanks Jacob.

  3. Thanks Jacob, I like this one better, but both effective and safe low roller strategies. Please keep them rolling. Cheers

  4. Jacob I really appreciate you making this. I'm gonna need to see it a couple times to see the same moves that are like breathing for you. I mean you have more experience than I so lol.

  5. Low roller strategy, eh? You won $132. I won $1,320.00. It’s not a low roller strategy….it’s a winning strategy.🤪 People always play the safer strats when they don’t have a lot of money. Then, when the buy in with say $2k, rather than 2 hundo, they start throwing money around.
    So…I’ll play this and add a zero to my bet size…and winning size!

  6. Thanks for helping incorporate the Don't side into the bet flow.
    Makes sense, find balance between light/dark, and then adjust to the shooter.
    Really liking this extending through the Come, and how you measure racking/pressing/adding to Don't

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