10 thoughts on “Craps strategy for $300 bankroll

  1. Thanks Jacob, 50% profit is massive and there were no real long rolls and a couple of point 7’s, so it looked a fair representation. I personally would prefer to reduce all numbers by a unit each hit, so you don’t get burned by all the repeat numbers with no return. I might play the hit and down version versus the hit and reduce all bets version to compare over a longer time period. Again thanks for turning me from a one trick pony to a player that actually thinks about different strategies. Cheers

  2. Yeah, Jacob I like that 88. I know you started with 300 here but I drop to the 88 after 440 inside, come out working, one hit then down to 88 with DC or Lay. Also 330, one hit and down to 66 inside. With either of those you can also do one hit and down to 60 each on 6 & 8 with darks. I like a one hit of $70 then rack, drop a bit more, or spread out the 120 to to cover also the 5 and 9. So, one hit of 140 then for 70 (or if @ 330, 105 and 70) . Do that twice and go home, no?. Good one, buddy

  3. another variation == after you hit 2 pts take off the other 2 points and put some odds on the dp number and roll until completion rinse and repeat……………. great vid good math DDP1

  4. Did this at Caesars the other day on the way to get coffee. Had to adjust to 35 dc, 110 inside bc 25 min. Made a quick buck35 with tip and out.
    Next day at Venetian, walked with a quick 268! Thanks bro!! …And got married!

  5. Rather than pulling the numbers down on one hit, reduce all place bets to minimum after the first hit to preserve win, but then Press any additional hits to build and maximize profit on potentially long rolls.

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