10 thoughts on “CRAPS Strategy – Game Changers | CRAPS Hacking THROW pt. 2

  1. Getting ready to go practice this throw right now…But left handed…also your camera might have stopped cause of the notification not just the update so check notifications also or some other program may interrupt another video in the future. Nice to see this roll held up even after the interruption and pause of restarting the video.

  2. Sensei CK,
    Don’t let technology bring you down.
    AI is always trying to take you out.
    Loved the roll as always. Can’t wait to smash this next time I get ta rolling those rocks.

  3. Clearwater doesn't allow wall crashes. I asked around, and other people say it's common other places.

  4. We all know Color Up pays for promotion. He does so, to sell his crappy merch. It's that simple.

  5. Threw a 76 last night using a 56-32 flip. It was my first throw with that set ever. Idk if u guys wanna try it out I've been practicing it for cpl hrs now and its solid. Gl and get $

  6. What do you mean by Rainbow? (no mention in this vid) Am I safe to assume it is a trajectory like a water hose, then 2 inch out for landing zone? I'm trying to get it without a practice table mind you. I put $10 on the pass line and 2/1/2 on the feature and start rolling, Hahaha. I got an all the other day. I'm going to try this roll next! Thanks CK

  7. CK, practiced this throw after the video. Threw 2 sessions, 13 and 14 throws 1st session threw 5 -9’s 4 in a row 6-3. Going to Vegas in August. Still need more practice though. Wanted you to know I’m one of the ARMY, generally quiet.

  8. Been practicing this set and throw for a week now and I must say it is a good one. I had to adjust a bit as I throw it left handed from the same stick position. This is a killer set and throw for playing CRAPLESS craps. Hit a point, hit 4 numbers after that then pull my money and ride the pass line and a few side bets till the 7 comes. Have had several 20+ rolls and lots of Extreme outside numbers. Took a few hundred practice rolls before I got my groove but after it is dialed in it is a game changer. I find the pressure of my grip changes the outcome drastically. Hard table I land 8 to 10 inches out bouncy table land as close as I can to the wall depends on the dice being used as well. I have 7 different sets I practice with and they all have to land in a different spot to get the same result. Maybe do a video like BT did about different dice and what they weigh. Thanks for another great tool to take to the CASINO.

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