Craps Strategy—Hammer the Sister!

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This has to be Lumpy’s favorite part of Craps right now. Even in casinos he’s yelling,”Hammer the sister!” 😆

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Craps Strategy—Hammer the Sister!

6 thoughts on “Craps Strategy—Hammer the Sister!

  1. Thanks Lumpy and Jake, a good fun strategy that also won good money. Back when I was a light side only player, I often would bet all the numbers across, but high on the sister and it used to hit more often than not. Yours is a strategy that is not based on any statistical, or mathematical reasoning, it just seems to work out. I like the idea of only betting the sister and using that collect to fund your play for the rest of that shooter’s roll, zero exposure is the key. Cheers. Rob

  2. The mistake they made on the hot roll was not taking down all the place bets after 7 showed up on the comeout…..and starting over…..They woulda made more $ that way than keeping all the bets up for a few more hits..

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