Craps Strategy – REGRESSION TO PREVENT DEPRESSION STRATEGY to try to win at craps

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Craps Strategy – REGRESSION TO PREVENT DEPRESSION STRATEGY to try to win at craps

10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – REGRESSION TO PREVENT DEPRESSION STRATEGY to try to win at craps

  1. Great video Rick as usual. Great roll to show the strategy and collect a nice profit. I always like a “Staying Alive” Strategy. Looks familiar 🤔 LoL

  2. Absolutely care about the content you’re putting out! Thanks so much for all you do for our community!

  3. thanks for the great info. i like to play for the long run. but then i have a few drinks and say what they heck…. you only live once and start tossing chips on bets pretending I know exactly what the next roll is going to be…. <ps. usually doesn't end well….>

  4. Rick. Great video again. Good strategy. Never thought about it. Good explanation. Thanks for doing the videos.

  5. I like the strategy, but gotta play inside points as odds rather than a place bet! Leaving money on the table! Thanks for a great video, Rick.

  6. It's a time- tested technique with a solid foundation. I like how once you get your initial bet back, you can do anything you want. Like bet that the wife is going to yell at you for watching more dice videos.

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