Craps Strategy – THE 86 ACROSS STRATEGY to try to win at craps – $5 OR $10 TABLE.

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Craps Strategy – THE 86 ACROSS STRATEGY to try to win at craps – $5 OR $10 TABLE.

10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – THE 86 ACROSS STRATEGY to try to win at craps – $5 OR $10 TABLE.

  1. When I say down after 3 scores, 44 inside but not necessarily with that shooter has he used 4 rolls or more to get me there, wait for a new shooter, what do u think , stay with the shooter or wait,

  2. By the way, when do u go back up $86.00 across, after a PSO I am assuming, new shooter

  3. I like this strategy, I’d like to alter it a little tho, 3 rolls or 2 hits whichever comes first, then regress to 22 inside and play the towering 6 from that point

  4. This is exactly what I will do next time I play. But after the regress if the roller is still working I will also add a few field bets and minimal hardways bets.The field bets let you still collect on 4 10 and craps.

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