Craps Strategy – The D.I. Don’t …

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It’s a grinder. It’s a winner. It’s one of the primary reasons I practice throwing the dice. Might this be “the one” for paycheck play??

Here’s the week of live episodes where we’re running this every day with a huge bankroll to test it out.

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Craps Strategy – The D.I. Don’t …

4 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – The D.I. Don’t …

  1. jc always working hard…………………. imho any strat that starts out with un protected dc is a long term no go the 7 7 11 7 7 11 will eventually bite us ……. plug this strat into win craps and youll see ……………. DI not a Factor, never is,,,,,,,,,/////////////// ''good enough DI'' jc new favorite phrase 4x statedthis vid gggggggggggggggg great work u do …mean dat………….i am ddp1

  2. Just curious, why not let the DP win more? Go ahead Place/Buy the Point to mitigate the loss to a Pass, but the size of the 'DO' bets are reducing the power of the 7-outs.
    Even if you are able to shift probability of setting Points to your favor, there still will be Come-out losses. Increased DP winnings may take pressure off Laddering after losses.

  3. Now you are combining 2 things you know deep down inside don't work: DI & hedging the DP. Good grief.

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