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This is another viewer request, thank you Ingrid! This is a little bit longer video but it turns out good in the end
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5 thoughts on “CRAPS STRATEGY – THE OLD 96’ER

  1. The OleRandomer came through…lol. The Outhouse should get a new toilet after that roll! Great job guys as always, appreciated!

  2. Thank you so much for the video I truly appreciate it. I was a little nervous in the beginning as my friend and I would say that's a sassy strategy AKA risky but in the end it worked out wonderfully. I loved watching that long roll I only wish the random rollers in Atlantic City were that good LOL. Love the video and keep on rolling I look forward to more. Also a + on the smoke rings at the end, they were majestic LOL

  3. Have you ever tried this method?
    Just bet the dont pass line
    775 bankroll
    Start with 25 on the dont pass line
    No odds just trying to make 25 off each shooter
    The method is the strean betting method
    25 25 25 50 50 100 100 200 200
    If you win you repeat the bet if u lose u move left to right
    Until u win and then you repeat the bet. If u win again u start over.

  4. intersesting felt ya got there….love that ya got some boys to handle the stick and bank

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