Craps strategy: The Ultimate Andre 2.0

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I had a lot of positive feedback on the Ultimate Andre Strategy. As awesome as it is, it is a bit too rich for some players. here we do a different version. I call it the Ultimate Andre 2.0! I think you will really like it.

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Craps strategy: The Ultimate Andre 2.0

10 thoughts on “Craps strategy: The Ultimate Andre 2.0

  1. Yes, Greg, UA 2.0 fits the bill for us poor guys, perfectly. It’s a level that works for us.

  2. Aloha Greg – excellent video, especially for the younger players because you stress the point of discipline as well… As Kenny Rogers said – What good is a win ? When you don't know when to fold 'em ! Thank you Greg Old Naples Fl.🌴

  3. How come if you place the 5/9 for 50$ and it hits you get paid 70$ but you have to lay 75$ to win 50$ instead of 70$? If that makes sense at all what I'm trying to ask

  4. I don't understand Bruce's back wall, won't you lose 30$ to set a point every time?

  5. Solid! Those were the hot 7 short rolls we see all day. Once into the flow, I'd be laying only the coldest box numbers on the comeout. +2-3 wins cash in – 🤙

  6. Thanks Greg, it’s good to see your table refrigeration is working well! That was an almost perfect rollout to demonstrate this strategy. One sharp shooter would do some damage, but I assume you would have some form of transition plan for that. Cheers. Rob

  7. Yo Greg. When u give the dealers the $180. Drop $190. $6 for the VIG $1 ea and $4 for hopping the HW. This way if 2-2,3-3, 4-4 or 5-5 is rolled it gets returned to you in the payout is $31 and bet is free. You tossed a H4 2-2 on 3rd CO roll.

    Also instead Of stacking up $180 on the 4 DP area as you do in the video, if you were to put the stack on the line on the 4 box that is closest to the boxman, that line signifies an equal Bet across all 6 numbers the same amount. Like roulette has hidden lines that represent the 0-00… So 6/$180 is $30’each. I teach this on my VDC channel. Along With the BACKWALL lay I have been doing now for almost 10 years. FWIW I’m The one teaching to everyone but few give credit where they learned it from. Keep up the great vids and hard work brother. Only a handful of guys putting out quality content in MY opinion and your channel is one of them. VDC

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