Craps strategy tool Box video explanation and Examples

Craps Strategy Video Information:

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For wagermethis merchandise check out Guys I just wanted to show that these tool Box videos are not strategies by themselves

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Craps strategy tool Box video explanation and Examples

10 thoughts on “Craps strategy tool Box video explanation and Examples

  1. Anyone see the Star Wars craps video from Same Bet. The intro is awesome. I've already decided I'm going to try the lay 4/10 strategy with the Ultimate67 strategy. As I press my bets and slowly collect, I can take the lay down as I collect. Maybe next time you do a live steam, we can try it. I'm not a fan of the Come progression, as it could get away from you fast. But, I see the value in it. Great video again.

  2. You were very clear about these not being stand alone strategies. Good explanation though.

  3. Wizard of Odds craps simulator attacks your bets.Totally non random outcomes with that simulator when bets are actually placed.

    Unsurprising for a whole lot of reasons Jacob mentioned and also due to technical flaws I will never use any online casino.

    Technically the "best" random generators in common use over the past 20 years use algorithms based on what was assumed to be good properties, but ultimately based on flawed assumptions. Unless you have been intimately involved in building cryptographic security modules it's something most software developers or scientists would never be aware of. This awareness is only just starting to be brought to attention in the scientific literature.

    What all that means is that the randomness generated in practically all software to date doesn't actually meet basic tests for randomness.

  4. Thanks for making that clear for people about the lay 4 & 10 strategy. It has to be used with something else otherwise you go broke very, very, quickly!

  5. Boy were you sweating on both those simulations in the beginning. It was almost comical watching it go south. But you stayed true to the plan, and you came out on top. I have to agree with you about the wizard of odds craps simulation. As a don’t player his program is rigged. Keep up the good work!

  6. I think I will do away with testing your strategy on Wizard of Odds and Aw Craps App. Does seem like they are just simulating very cold tables or out to just plain kill you. Building out my practice rig and will test pretty much random rolls or rhythm rolls with a dice set. Do have one question. At 5:14 you had $300 at risk to the 7 with no hedge. Can't count accurately what you had in your tray but definitely looks like less than $100. If the 7 had rolled, which it will do at times, you would not have had enough to set up again. Would you call it a day or replenish your buy in to start over again? Learning a lot from your videos and really starting to think through my betting options.

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