8 thoughts on “Craps strategy using 44$ inside +hop bets

  1. Cute kid, bro! Just be careful not to blink. They suddenly turn into teenagers and won't have anything to do with you.

  2. Blue my man… my thoughts are on hardwayz… u also use the hedge and b patient that's key (or6 on point and the 8 on hard) …14$ hard 6or8…. pays 126 and down…140 × 10 is 1400 baby…. put a video on this please

  3. That is how I shoot at the craps table! That aside, There are 18/36 combinations that are not your hop bets. The risk/reward just doesn't make a lot of sense here playing the hops.

  4. Although this strategy wasn't ideal, it's always fun to come up with new ways of strategizing on this game as there are so many different varieties to do so. The only other suggestion I would have would be 6 and 8 at $12 a piece and hop the 5 and 9's for $1 or $2 each. I only really hop bet when I haven't seen a pair show up on the dice so i'll usually start throwing down $6 with hardways hopping and a hi-lo. I'll do that every other throw if it's been about 6 or 7 throws without a pair on the dice. Good stuff Blue!

  5. Interesting concept, what if you hit a number and use $9 to hop the 7's $3 each and keep $5 start with $44 inside and hop the 7's with everything working always

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