10 thoughts on “Craps strategy! Using 6,7,8 Plus COME BETS to allow you to play for FREE!

  1. I really like the idea of the Come Bet. I ran a continuous come bet. Once I got max odds on a number, I doubled my come bet so I could keep increasing the odds. I kept raising my odds by either $25 or $30 as appropriate. I started with $270 across without the point and a $200 DP Bet. Layed odds on the DP. Reduce the odds with the first couple hits.

  2. Coming back after a couple of days to add a comment. This concept has stuck with me since I watched this video.

    Now that I’ve practiced it several times on my own table, I have found a variation I am comfortable with. I might have to make a video. Giving credit where credit is due, of course. Good job!!

  3. This is a nice strategy for when the tables are cold too because a lot of times the 7 comes quick.

  4. Jacob, love this method with the come bet. I did take it in the shorts a handful of times in the come out roll so I decided to put $25 down on any Red for the come out roll and that seemed to work really well. I would rather be down $25 than a $100 to start out. Looking forward to using this method more in the future

  5. Jacob, could you show the same strategy but with $320 across minus the point?

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