Craps – Waylon’s new 6, 7, 8 Strategy!

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Working with Waylon on the 6, 7, 8

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Craps – Waylon’s new 6, 7, 8 Strategy!

5 thoughts on “Craps – Waylon’s new 6, 7, 8 Strategy!

  1. Love the 5K buy-in. However, for a low roller can it be done with say 500 buy-in?
    Or less like 300. Maybe not? Using bets that adjust to your bankroll.

  2. I think your units were off on the front multiply times when the lays went up. 500 on lays it should be 125 on the place. 5 units on each

  3. getting a good up with this. no wonder waylan always wins the tourney's lol. thanks for sharing.

  4. a lot of Waylon's strategies do not work unless he is rolling them out…. i;ve tested a lot of his strategies against other peoples random rolls here on Youtube, and have went BUSTO so many times…… take that information for how you want , but i am just letting you know to try this before you take one of these very very high risk strategies to the casino and find out the hard way….. and this video here proves it again……

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