Crazy Craps System That Works

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Crazy Craps System That Works

9 thoughts on “Crazy Craps System That Works

  1. Finally, a system that works!!!

    Once the Place bets are pressed up maybe pull down the Field and play the Horn.

  2. Question: why lay to win 90 or lose one of the bets when its similar to hopping the sevens for 10 each to win 150+ 10

  3. Ilike this, will try it later this month of December, hope i can roll that comeout "7" …

  4. The Show that let you pick out prizes with your money was the original way they ran “wheel of fortune“

  5. So 30 place pays 42 or 1.4 of the bet whereas lay pays .67 of the bet. What is .4 – .33 attributable to, house advantage or other.

  6. Why would you bring your lays down after a come out 7? I get it but don't. I've seen 3, 4, or even 5 7s in a row on comeout. You're risking $30 to win $90. If u keep them up and just so happens to hit an inside point.

  7. I kind of like this system. I would still leave up the lay bets even if a first seven rolls because it's a low risk bet.

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