Discipline with your Craps Strategy

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You should use Discipline with your Craps Strategy to win at the game and color up. In today’s color up challenge, the challenger sticks to his game plan to the very end, but is it enough to beat me in todays craps challenge?

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Discipline with your Craps Strategy

10 thoughts on “Discipline with your Craps Strategy

  1. Nice video! Getting those place bets off before the seven hits is great discipline!

  2. 3:18 I am playing along too. I took all my bets down and bet: 50 World and 20 on 7. World was even and my 7 at 20 won 80. 🙂

  3. Man, the number of days I've had like Color Up did. Always on the wrong side of the dice. Hey, how does one get to do one of these challenges? Is it part of the colorup.club?

  4. $323 using my collect the green. Was way down till that last roll and because u didn’t end on the 7 out got to add in my chips in play that put me way up. Love these challenges. Will have to get on the list !!!

  5. AL ended up with 246, starting with 250. Even with his great timing he STILL lost 4. He did not "do well" as Color Up said, he still ended up losing. Color Up went broke. Don't gamble guys. Just use these videos to fight the urge.

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