10 thoughts on ““Down on your luck” Strategy with a 200$ bankroll

  1. I love you Waylon! Please don't take this comment as negative…. but when you said that you saw what the dice were telling you, you didn't see all of the story. You lost nine consecutive seven outs. You would have made more money on the dark side quicker with less risk. Then after the first 4 wins, you could have covered all of the numbers starting a one unit and would have won much more money with the same rolls. Am I wrong about that? Again, I think you are awesome and I love your work! Blessings on you sir!

  2. Your are correct! Christ is King! I love that you know that! Roll Tide!

  3. Nothing worse than the $100 grind. But you need to do this (or something like it) to get to a point where you can play more aggressively to win.

  4. Just for giggles and grins; switching strats when the table turns is always a good idea except when it isn't. Been there done that!! When you switched to the 4/10 strat the inside numbers rolled. I counted 23 inside numbers on that run before the seven, totaling $483 which was more than collected on the 4/10. Like I said, been there done that. Lol. A win is a win!!!

  5. Nice call on jumping from one way not working to the 4 & 10 ( 4 for ever ) ( 10 my best friend ) nice play

  6. I've been thinking about combining your "total package" and "1 in 8" at the same time at the Windstar dollar table in Thackerville, Okla. I sure would like to see you try to roll that out on a video first though LOL. It'll be nearly on Vince level complicated but I think you could pull it off.

  7. The 4 and 10 pay 9 to 5. Buying the 4 or 10 costs a vig. Thanks for the video, just getting 2 to 1 irks me a little.

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