Easy Craps Strategy to Win Money

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Craps Strategy from dice advice series. This is an easy strategy to learn. It starts with $160 across all the numbers for two hits, then regresses to $66 inside with a field bet. Is this an easy way to win money? That just depends if the dice roll in your favor.

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Easy Craps Strategy to Win Money

10 thoughts on “Easy Craps Strategy to Win Money

  1. I really like it when you put the roll results in that top left corner. Bank Roil / win loss / end result

  2. Fun strategy but Wow The mistake of the point hit at the end actually would have cost you all your profit … 10 would have been the point and then you would have sevened out and lost $160

  3. With all that risk that's already out there might as well just go with continuous DC bets (bet the same unit all across and on the DP and on the DC every roll, so it covers it on the back end). 1st hit is clear pay, a repeater knocks it off but sets the DC again and the same buy/place bet still pays more than the DC. When doing this on the electronic tables after a repeater hits increase that buy/place bet with that extra $ it gave from the difference of losing the DC, so if it repeats again you even get more, you get on a banger of a roll and hit out lots of repeaters it will be way better positioned than the iron cross.

  4. Wait till 7 hits About 3 times in a row with 3 different shooter within the first two rolls after the comeout….Seen it happen many times

  5. this is the way ive played from the strat..i usually just bet 68 field to start tho..if a 5 hits i just do one more hit

  6. Ok I am forced to do some math as initial viewing feel it is a money drainer.

    Start $160 across.
    2 hits win $70 – $100 (rounding up for simplicity)

    Take everything down and put $76 out on the table.

    So at this point, you have a small profit. Roll continues. You make $11 – $31. Problem is $31 applies to roll of 9.

    Thus, for me have to say risking $160 loss, not for me. Overalk, I see this as a frinding strategy. There are far less expensive grinding strategies.

    Still have not adequate it to the end for final numbers.

  7. I think that calculating your wins and losses as you try out the strategy would add a lot to what you are trying to show. Otherwise that is the point?

  8. Hard to recover if you lose $160 across. Need about 16 hits of the Iron Cross to recoup

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