EASY START – “Double Tap” Craps System Review

Craps Strategy Video Information:

SYSTEMS ARCHIVE HERE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wxpgH_OXZlAJWvWZcWnYZ1_Yel18-c_KPVVcuOAUa44/edit?usp=sharing

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EASY START – “Double Tap” Craps System Review

10 thoughts on “EASY START – “Double Tap” Craps System Review

  1. Great video as always. Love your Craps stuff of course. Wondering if there is going to be any more live Craps vids from the Strat coming out anytime soon?

  2. this was a great video. David explained it very well and someday when I get to a craps table I will be using this system.

  3. Thanks again. Do you have any ideas for a team system? Maybe I bet pass line and inside while she bets don't pass and outside. Have you seen a pair work a table like that?

  4. This is great and all but could you do these videos on at least a $10 table? Can't remember the last time I saw a $5 table. Especially now.

  5. Press them until they are green then turn them off…I never heard of double tap. I am assuming you made that up.

  6. Where can I find a chart on how this would work for $15 and $25 tables? I play on the East coast @casinoquest

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