Field bet Craps Strategy

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If you have a system to play: I’ll play it. If you have a specific bankroll or table min request; I’ll play it. Just comment or email me. Drunk Guy Explains approves this message. Comment with your suggestions and question and potentially be featured in an upcoming episode!


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Gambling addiction is real and if you have a problem talk to someone.

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Field bet Craps Strategy

10 thoughts on “Field bet Craps Strategy

  1. Hey DGE. We heard about your burn accident, good to see you posting – hope you’re feeling okay and hope they didn’t give you painkillers those ruin people’s lives

  2. Great video as usual boss! I've contemplated something like this too. I am not sure how I feel about it at this point. I'm leaning towards a higher entry point. I would only be willing to chase this so far. It is, after all, a Martingale.

  3. Hope you're doing okay, and healing. Prayers for you.
    So what is the most non field numbers you or anyone out there have encountered? Mine is 9.

  4. If you wait until 5 non field numbers are rolled in a row, and then place a bet, the odds of a field number are exactly the same as they are after 5 field numbers are rolled in a row. No matter what you do, there are 16 winning numbers, and 20 losers. There is no system you could possibly use to counter the worst bet on the craps table. A martingale system allows you to do one thing here, lose more money faster. This is insanity.

  5. If the magic number to be able to survive is 18 non-field numbers in a row, you must calculate how many losses YOUR bankroll can tolerate, BEFORE you start playing this strategy. You might not have $5000, like Charlie, so take the minimum bet and keep multiplying times 2, plus 5 until you reach a number that is just under your total bankroll. Add up how many times you doubled and subtract that from 18. That is your starting point if you don’t place any other bets on the table until the field resolves to a winner. IMPORTANT!: No matter how many non-field numbers are rolled in a row, the probability of the next roll being a non-field number will never reduce to Zero.

  6. 18? I was at the casino tonight. Just got home. Witnessed 14 non-Field numbers in a row. No 5, 6, 8, or 7’s to be seen. It’s good to follow the trend. But, I like your play described here. I banked $6850 tonight. Some nights are like that…others, not so much. You sound good…hope your recovery is on schedule!

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