Fun Craps Strategy for the Win

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This fun craps strategy was submitted for my dice advice series. While it includes a couple higher house edge bets, place 5/9 and hard ways, it is a lot of fun, and does end up winning in this short example roll. Check out the Pass & Props

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Fun Craps Strategy for the Win

10 thoughts on “Fun Craps Strategy for the Win

  1. Your roll results worked awesome for this video's strategy. Who are you, and what have you done with Color up???? LOL

  2. Fun little strategy is a really good description. Not huge risk, but not a lot of big opportunity either. Enough action to keep it entertaining, though.

  3. hardways you need to look at all 4 as one need to hit one to win..dont replace one that loses and you will do good

  4. This is exactly the kind of no-brainer strategy that's perfect to play when you're at the table with a group of friends and you just don't want to think all that much but still gives you a shot of cheering every once in a while for something big. Well rolled…

  5. Why don't you slit some pool noodles and place them on the edge of the table so the dice will not fall off the table. It's an easy remedy to the "dice off the table "

  6. wow a don't pass player would have been destroyed right at the start all those 7's and then as soon as got a point hit it next roll and then rolls more 7's and 11's and then you hit the point again! lol

  7. I like the strategy. If I had to tweak, I would maybe use hardways winnings to press the place bets or added extra numbers.

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