Fun with the iron cross craps strategy

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In this video I put my spin on the iron cross. It is a system that I am not really fond of. Can I salvage it? You be the judge.

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Fun with the iron cross craps strategy

9 thoughts on “Fun with the iron cross craps strategy

  1. Thanks Greg, like you I am not a fan of the traditional iron cross strategy. I like your variation a little better, but I think that the $2 or $5 collects are too small when risking $30. I like the idea of chasing the lay when the 5 gets hit, but as you said you would need the bankroll and appropriate table limits to allow you to do so. The best use of the iron cross I have seen is Jacob on WagerMeThis when he plays his 6-7-8 strategy and the point is a 5, 6, or 8. He has a $75 DP and has 5 units on the 2 non point numbers of the 5, 6 & 8 and $15 on the field. It usually works well for him, but like the 5 for your version, if the point starts getting hit, it does have the capacity to blow out for a big loss if you stuck with it against a bad run. Good video. Cheers. Rob

  2. This is almost impossible to recover from the lay 5 at any dollar amount. Takes too many hits to recover.

  3. Pretty interesting, nice way to grind. I like the dark side. It's gets me thinking about a hedging system through the DP. Once you get your DP work on hedging system from there. Probably not great, just free thinking here.

  4. On a 5 hit you never accounted for the field bet loss, just the layed 5. But thank you for the variation. I will definitely try this one.

  5. Would it improve the strategy if you place 2 units on each of the 6 and 8, instead of just placing 1 unit each?

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