Good craps strategy? 22 inside press

Craps Strategy Video Information:

Louie discusses a strategy.

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Good craps strategy?  22 inside press

5 thoughts on “Good craps strategy? 22 inside press

  1. Thanks for the review! What I find it keeps me in the game as my bank last longer on the short rolls. Agreed that I give up profits on the monster roll. But often I can make it through a cold stretch. And, I usually throw down an iron cross for the crew with $2 on the 5-6-8 and $1 in the field so the crew collects $1 on each roll. Love hearing about the perspective from the dealers side of the table.

  2. nice videos, since the 7 rolls on the average every 6 or 7 rolls you have a strategy for a 3 or 4 hit short game?

  3. Hi

    I have a strategy I would like some feed back on if you have time.

    Not working the first come out roll.

    66 inside and 12 in the field
    If you hit the field you press the 6 & 8 by 12
    Anything else goes in the field (14 or 18)
    Basically you keep building the 6&8 by the maximum the field bet and win allows. (24 or 36)
    Thank you
    Anthony R (Patreon)

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