Good craps strategy? The field martingale.

Craps Strategy Video Information:

Discussing the martingale strategy and applying it to the field.

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Good craps strategy?  The field martingale.

3 thoughts on “Good craps strategy? The field martingale.

  1. Good explanation, just like everyone else that talks about this. No one has anything nice to say about this system. For good reason. Should take this to the next level and warn people from naming their children Martin or Gail. Just my guyic comment for the day. lol

  2. So here's what to do. Wait for five non field numbers in a row and then play the field. Right? No.

  3. Do not start martindale system until at least 5 or 6 FIELD bets. Which is not that uncommon. Then you have a better chance of not wiping out. Cheers🐸

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