High Stakes Real Craps Game: Put Bets, Part 1 of 2

Craps Strategy Video Information:

This is currently the highest stakes real action craps game that you will find online or anywhere. In this video, I switch it up and use a different strategy: put bets.

This is Part 1 of 2, High Stakes Craps: Put Bets. I played this game at Isle of Capri casino, betting the table maximum.

In this video, I use a different strategy for the sake of showing something different. Put bets can be a better strategy than place bets. For details on put bets, read about it here: https://roadgambler.com/craps/craps-put-bets-2/

I hope you enjoy this video of real craps action. For more videos and content, along with free contests to win real prizes, check out my gambling and travel blog at RoadGambler.com.

Come with me and step into my shoes as I travel across the United States, from west coast to east coast, with plenty of stops in Las Vegas.

Hey, we all love Vegas, but there’s more to the gambling life than Las Vegas.

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High Stakes Real Craps Game: Put Bets, Part 1 of 2

10 thoughts on “High Stakes Real Craps Game: Put Bets, Part 1 of 2

  1. Daniel Chavez really enjoyed this brave high stakes video of Road Gambler and became a subscriber. Daniel Chavez likes the content on Road Gamblers YouTube channel

  2. i enjoy yours vids. u are a smart craps player that makes good bets. you keep it simple not throwing your money everywhere. being able to keep your wits just shows your complete control over your self much respect

  3. This shooter is not random. He knows something that we don’t know. I mean the black shooter started the video

  4. Never put bet always place it and take the odds doesn’t make sense to bet even when you could be taking free money

  5. What do you mean by betting 100 pass and 2000 odd what is a odd bet? What is 100 plus 2000 on 6 or 8 where is that 100 I see the 2000 is that just the same as betting 2100 on 8

  6. The BEST Craps 🎲 video on YouTube. Must be wearing a body cam it’s so good. So Much better than any other #LiveCraps cams!

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