Hot Roller Craps Side Bet

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Check out the new Hot Roller craps side bet at the Grand Sierra Casino in Reno. This new side bet is like a combination of the fire bet and repeater side bets. They payout for this bet starts at 5 to 1 by rolling the dice combinations of two different numbers. As you roll more numbers your payment increases. Come see if you are a hot roller…
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Hot Roller Craps Side Bet

10 thoughts on “Hot Roller Craps Side Bet

  1. Hello I'm trying to find out what is the odds of the 6 and 8 on autobuy is it less than 2% or around 2% remember Auto buy I know it's cheaper when you place them thank you for your help respond please

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  3. So this is actually harder to hit than the ALL TALL SMALL. Cause that is around 1 in 200 with a 6-7% house edge for the 175. BUT this looks about maybe 1 in 225? I don't know the math on this one.

  4. Seems like this bet would be better if you got a push for only one number. I would imagine in practice it wouldn’t affect the edge app that much and it would make participation go way up.

  5. I liked it until I heard it reset on a come-out 7. It think it will just slow the game down like ATS and repeaters. I understand the house loves those types of bets because they churn the action, but as a player, I like the bonus bets that only lose after a 7-out because they are so much less disruptive to the pace of play. I don't play any of them, but I'd prefer fire bet or the multiple pass bets they have at Atlantis in Reno and Orleans in Vegas (I forget the names) from pace-of-play standpoint.

  6. When we played at GSR we were playing the hot roller β€œ2 way” and the dealers were happy about it

  7. It seems like a sucker bet because you can't turn it off on the come out. Seems like that's the out for the house.

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