How I Play $25 Craps Table?

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This video shows how I might play a $25 player as conservative player. I would start with $25 place bets on the 6 and 8. You will notice this is an improper bet for correct payoffs, but I explain why it is not that bad a bet. Come join me at the GSR in Reno, NV.

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How I Play $25 Craps Table?

10 thoughts on “How I Play $25 Craps Table?

  1. This is basically the same strategy I’ve been working on. I’ll place the 6&8 for $30 each, press and regress back to $30 after a 2nd hit. From there I’ll set up $110 inside go from there. I have $110 working and have recouped my initial $60. I’ll usually get a 4&10 placed after a few hits and just double tap the inside numbers and triple lux the 4&10.

  2. Wow….6 straight frontline passes. Press it up all the way and walk away. I am beginning to think theres something about you and that 7.

  3. What a comp to be able to teach a great table game like craps at your home casino you must have given them a lot of play. Excellent work brother 👍👍👍

  4. Its a variation of The Last Dance. Another option is pressing the full $29 onto the number that just hit to get a proper bet of 54

  5. I have been thinking about this a lot lately, the casino I play at has a $500 limit, so what does that pay on the 6 or 8? Will they let me go to $600 if I bribe them? Are they goin to make me go $480?

  6. Dang it man Color Up dealing on a real table in a real casino nice. Glad you cleared the chips up roulette chips didn't figure they would let you play with real chips

  7. (2 of 3) If a 7 hits before the point, I obviously win $25. If the point hits again before the 7, I lose $25. But instead of starting over, I start doing a progression of direct lays on the point that just hit until the 7 hits. At my local casino we have a $25 min/$2,000 max table.
    The way I set up my progression, the 6 or 8 would have to be rolled EIGHT times before the 7 to lose your entire bankroll. The 5 or 9 would have to be rolled SEVEN times before a 7 hits to go bankrupt and the 4 or 10 would have to be rolled SIX times before the 7 hits to go bankrupt. Only use this on random shooters.(continued)

  8. (1 of 3) (Bankroll $3,700) We all know that once a DC bet moves behind a number, the player mathematically has the advantage. The problem is making sure the house advantage is as small as possible during the come out. Ask yourself the following question…. What occurs less often, throwing a 3-1 (4), or throwing consecutive 3-1 (4's)?
    The answer is obviously the latter. So here's what I do. On a random shooter, I wait for a 3-1 (4) to be thrown. Once it is, I then put $25 on the DC, I lay $70 on the "no 4", and I bet $10 on the hard 4. Since the hard 4 doesn't hurt me, and the 7 doesn't hurt me, only consecutive 3-1 (4's) hurt me. Well, the 11 hurts me, but 2's and 3's will even that out. This also works for the 6-4 (10).
    When my DC gets behind a number, i take down my lay bet and my hardway bet.  (Continued)

  9. Going to reno soon myself, but plan to stay at the pepermill because it has 10$ day time tables.

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