How Not To Suck At Craps: Best Craps Strategy For Beginners And The Best Bets In Craps

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Ever walked into a casino and seen a boisterous crowd packed around a table having the time of their lives? Chances are it was a craps table. For new players, though, a craps strategy can be intimidating and confusing to understand.

Our (very) easy-to-follow basic craps strategy video, How Not To Suck At Craps, walks you through the literal best possible craps betting pattern for beginners.

We explain:
* The best bet to start every new roll
* Whether to bet Pass or No Pass
* The very best bets in craps
* The best odds bets after the point number is set
* The highest-value place bets with the smallest house edge
* The only true even money bet in the casino with 0% house edge
* Which bets have bad odds and should be avoided at all costs
* How to win at craps

We even add a few essential live craps etiquette rules you never want to break. Don’t be the dolt that wrecks the vibe at a hot craps table.

If you want to start playing craps online or live but don’t know where to begin, this is how to do it. And if you don’t want to suck at craps you 100%, definitely, want to follow this craps strategy.” provides US casino gambling news and information. Our mission is to provide readers with casino news and resources related to legal, regulated online gambling options in the United States.


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How Not To Suck At Craps: Best Craps Strategy For Beginners And The Best Bets In Craps