9 thoughts on “HOW TO CRAPS STRATEGY ( climb the ladder)

  1. I think you made a mistake during your explanation @ 2:29 you have a point of 4. While the 7 out doesn't hurt because you have the don't pass, an 11 does hurt you on your don't come, so 7 out is not worse case scenario, a loss if an 11 rolled is worst case. Not knocking anything, I like this strategy, I think you overlooked that detail. Enjoy your videos, keep 'em coming.

  2. Press please can you do a close up video with dice sets and explanations thank you

  3. It’s sort of the safest dark side strategy against your average random shooter 5-8 rolls before a 7 so you don’t manage to get many repeater numbers. Can’t really fault this strategy.
    Just the collection speed is not ideal for me cause I don’t get to visit casinos often 😂

  4. I’ll be heading back during the week next week! Thx for the coaching

  5. Ahh in the other vids I didn't quite see the correct progression. Thx for the detailed explanation. As others noted 11s kill you but on the other side 3s & 2s are good so you have the percentages in your favor there. I like it from a grinder perspective but like you mentioned a large bankroll is needed on repeaters obviously.

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