How to win $500 Craps Betting Strategy

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How to win $500 Craps Betting Strategy is a strategy from David at Casino Quest. This strategy is called the triple lux. It is more of a betting strategy than a playing strategy. You can play any place bet strategy you are comfortable with from across all the numbers or just inside numbers, and placing the point number is optional. With each hit on a number you will power press that number and same bet and collect the third hit of any number. This will secure your initial investment in the shooter. Next, you will power press your way up to table limit, but you may want to collect once the payout is that purple $500 chip!

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How to win $500 Craps Betting Strategy

10 thoughts on “How to win $500 Craps Betting Strategy

  1. love your content and commentary on tips and strategies, but if I ever run across you at a casino crap table and you're shooting, iam going to the buffet or another table. keep'em coming.

  2. It’s perfect with one time through. It gives us a chance to learn the strategy and that’s what counts. But I was screaming “Pull em down” a few times. Lol

  3. A way that one could make $500 off of $5 in craps? Well, bet $5 on a 12. If it rolls use that $150 to bet on any 7 for the next roll. If you win you get $500 off of $5 in 2 rolls. Hey, it can happen, if the dice cooperate. Or you can put $50 on any craps after the $150 win.

  4. There's a side bet where you get paid if you hit a 7 immediately after a point is established. Color up would make bank on this side bet.

  5. Seems like it's hard for me to press like that. I then don't win the $500. But I stay longer at the table and win or loose less. Everyone has their style. Especially, after a few beers?

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