How to Win at Craps $150 Bankroll

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How to Win at Craps $150 Bankroll is a conservative craps strategy that uses the place 6 and 8 bets as well as come bets. With a bankroll as small as $150 you can stay at the table for a potentially long time with a good chance to really color up with a long roll. This strategy was developed by “Heavy” Haltom of and he calls it “Heavy’s Heat Seeking Craps Strategy.”

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How to Win at Craps $150 Bankroll

10 thoughts on “How to Win at Craps $150 Bankroll

  1. I've been playing this strategy for a few years. I bought his DVDs a while ago. To caveat for other viewers, do like CU says and check the articles on the indicators… It will save your butt. Also, he only risks three units per shooter, so once the 6/8 or first come hits, then the fourth goes down. In his article, he uses a hit on 6 or 8 initially as an example, then you can go straight into four numbers. It was confusing at first as to how you get four numbers working but only risk three units. With a three unit risk, $150 is enough for ten shooters.

  2. Went up to Saratoga yesterday and was very pleased with the atmosphere. Hope to see you tomorrow. Should I bring my 360 camera?

  3. I got a Vegas trip coming up in 3 weeks and am definitely gonna try this strategy. Although I never buy in as low as $150, or $300, I love the potential in this strategy.

  4. This video was the best approach to my reality at a regular day in a craps table! Haha but I still had a fun day with this strategy, keep it on! , Saludos desde Monterrey, Mexico

  5. Add this to the “strategy I was not impressed with until I did a practice session”. I just “won” nearly $300 using the $150 bankroll on my first attempt at this. So ……color… me impressed 😂-it also helped that I had two huge rolls of 20+

  6. I don’t think I could stick with this strategy if I’m seeing multiple point hits that aren’t paying me…why not add a pass line bet?

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