How to Win at Craps (Strategy 2)

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This is a video tutorial in which i show you a greats craps strategy to use that is pretty much a sure things to win you money

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How to Win at Craps (Strategy 2)

9 thoughts on “How to Win at Craps (Strategy 2)

  1. why you betting on 4 & 6? how about puuting money on all the multiroll bets and put odds under a don't pass bet maybe? start with $1 pass & don't pass then do this after putting odds under DP

  2. The hard ways are one of the worst bets in craps. Casino has at least 13% advantage. Compare that to the 1.4% you can get on pass line odds or similar odds on other bets and it's a no brainer

  3. I would love to play at a table where there is a  7&1 possibility on a roll of the dice.

  4. There's a reason the   2 is NOT a hardway. It's the ONLY way.
    There's a reason the 12 is NOT a hardway. It's the ONLY way.

  5. I tried this strategy for giggles at a casino on video craps. You know the automated ones they have now. I tried it with buying in for $530 and I cashed out $921 which is $391 profit. I will say that I got lucky because hard 6 came out on the come out roll and I thought I was going to be in trouble but luckily it rolled again a few rolls later.   So later in the day I wanted to give it another whirl so I bought in for $600 which was mostly was the casinos money. What is the toughest part of this strategy is dodging the 7 and the easy 6 and 8's because sooner or later those numbers get pretty hot and you will hit the wall soon. You will need a pretty big bank roll to be somewhat successful.  So what killed me in that session is that the hard 6  and 8 came on the come out roll which the bets were off at the time on the come out roll and it hurt me big time. 🙁 I ended up losing the $600. This strategy is descent short term but sooner or later the 6 and 8 rolls a lot and you will end up risking a lot to try to catch up. It is a stressful strategy when you don't have the bankroll and the bets getting higher and higher.    I like trying different strategies. This one  worked the first time I tried it but failed on the second time. is a good site to try it on.  Thanks for reading 🙂

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