How to Win with the Iron Cross Craps Strategy

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How to Win with the Iron Cross Craps Strategy is a variation of the standard iron cross that wins on every roll of the dice except for the seven. In this variation provided by 555 Craps channel here on YouTube. It moves the risk from the seven to a less risky lay bet on the five.

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How to Win with the Iron Cross Craps Strategy

10 thoughts on “How to Win with the Iron Cross Craps Strategy

  1. I really seem to like this one..The way I would probably play this strategy is instead of letting it ride out, i might attempt 3 hits and down on everything until the next point or shooter starts and repeat up to 3x. The reason i like this is because 3 hits x 3 shooters and quit equals 9 rolls of the dice. The 5 should happen 4/36 so 1 in 9 rolls. So as long as 5 seems to hit 1 in 10 or less, then we profit over time with 3 hits and down over 3 shooters.

  2. How does this compare to iron cross and a don't pass hedge? Watched a video on that by WagerMeThis

  3. I do like it I would probably double the 6 & 8 too though & put 5 on the hardways!

  4. Hit ur lays 2-3 times and u will find urself griding just to break even let alone profits

  5. Again same time same place a year later iron cross made me 2k in about 20 min. Added a power push on the 6/8 and did great!

  6. Hey Color Up would you be interested in testing a strategy I created? Thanks!

  7. I can see this as a good play if you wanna play random shooters till you roll yourself and bet heavier or a different strategy. Or till a Shooter gets hot.

  8. Okay intro!!!! I’ve been thinking about an iron cross but simply playing the DP. I’m going to try it out soon to see how it goes.

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