IRON CROSS MINUS – STRATEGY to try to win at craps – Can be played at $5, $10, $15 or $25 table.

Craps Strategy Video Information:

HIGH RISK HIGH REWARD STRATEGY – This strategy can be played at a $5, $10, $15 table also.
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00:00 – INTRO
04:17 – HOW IT WINS
06:49 – HOW IT LOSES

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IRON CROSS MINUS – STRATEGY to try to win at craps – Can be played at $5, $10, $15 or $25 table.

10 thoughts on “IRON CROSS MINUS – STRATEGY to try to win at craps – Can be played at $5, $10, $15 or $25 table.

  1. Way to go Mr Kotter!!! What? Is the strategy. Why? To try and win at craps. When? When we play craps at the casino!!! Lol
    Great explanation of strategy with adjustments!!👍🎲

  2. Do you know the loss rate for your strategies? I think we concentrate too much on the best case scenario when the dice goes our way, but we rarely look a the overall risk of our strategies.

  3. Thanks for the video Rick, The Fives hopping is just like Bryan from Hawaii Craps shooters "Quarter Pounder with EZ" system which I like. The hop bets reduce your exposure to the early 7 compared to the $10 place bet and fill the hole of the 5.

    Being a low Roller I like to scale it down like you had with $18 6 & 8, $10 field, $1 each hopping fives. If you can play a field bet where they triple pay the 12 the house edge is only 2.8%

  4. Aloha Let it Roll,

    I Love the Cross! Hawaiian Cross ( Mel's Special ) Hop Da 5 less at risk. Awesome so true adjustments are the name of the game. Great content, can't wait for the next video.

  5. Thx for showing Rick..i appreciate it..was hoping to see you roll with thing to remember its just 3 rolls counting the comeout..the risk is too high with 4 rolls..I figure that i will roll more 7s than 5s in those first two rolls and is why i leave the 5 empty..its a way of getting a start with the least amoun invested..only 4 numbers dont make you money with those forst 2 rolls..sure it will come 6 8 or 5 but when it comes 2 fields it works nice..happens a lot..hitting 2 or 12 even better especially with triple pay..i usually press the 6 to 30 then start pressing the 8.thx again..same thing can be done with 96 across..but you are investing 96 vs 56 for same outcome and 12 11 2 and3 wins nothing where with an investment of 56 only 5 6 and 8 wins nothing..its a safety grind..its not the end of the world to roll a 5..the 7 hurts can also just regress the field if you prefer

  6. The obvious major adjustment, depending upon the shooters skill would be to press the first 3 , non 6/8 or 5 hits and then turn off your bets until Bid Red shows up, you can then again depending upon the shooter press 2-3 more times before regressing & taking profit. Confidence in the shooter is key of course.

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