IRON CROSS WITH A HEDGE – Craps Betting System

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IRON CROSS WITH A HEDGE – Craps Betting System

10 thoughts on “IRON CROSS WITH A HEDGE – Craps Betting System

  1. Don't have the IC working until after the come out that way the DP is a real hedge, the way you are doing it a 7 on the come out loses everything – too big a risk!

  2. At 4:58 min you said that you wanted to reduce your bet on the don't pass line. I thought it was a lock bet as a contract like on the pass line. Isn't it?

  3. Nice game. I was following at home on my bets. I had 6/8 at $30 for most of the rolls and turned them off a ton of times. Field bets at single then double most of the time. Final wins for me: $600 Field bets/$500 6/8 wins. No Pass lines bets at all. I only roll of shooters because I can not throw. I get use to watching the game. Thank you so much.

  4. pretty good system but as with all hedges it has a weak spot. one or two come out 7s and youll never recoup

  5. I learned the basics of this game when I was in Reno Nevada, most people said the field bet is a bit of a sucker bet lol;

  6. The Gaming reports showing win rates by the Casinos show a table here that's a top earner, and only has a $3 min. Pays triple for 12, and has a waiting list all the time. (Unlike what I see at Stations and Boyd properties.)
    If you want to load a craps table in Vegas then pay 3x both 2 and 12, as a promotion, and you'll be swimming in players. Players who cannot tell you what advantage that gives a player, oddly. But Casino Mgmnt. is not that smart.
    (And, yes there is a US Casino with a triple pay 2 and 12.)

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