Lay the 6&8 craps strategy

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You hardly ever see this most lay the 4 & 10.
It wouldn’t work putting $120 each on the 6&8 I tried it failed this one worked every time so far but u never know how the dice will roll out

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Lay the 6&8 craps strategy

4 thoughts on “Lay the 6&8 craps strategy

  1. Larry, you seemed to forget that you have to pay your vig after each hit. So if you hit say the 4 you collect your hundred and then replace the vig

  2. Love the outside the box thinking. 20 year casino pit boss told me last weekend as I’m laying the 4/10 constantly. The best lay is the 6/8 You lay the least to get the most Ill gameplay this a few sessions and let you know

  3. you should try this with laying the 5 and 9, 6 and 8 you should get more payable hits on since they should roll the most, thanks for all the videos Larry !!

  4. The 6 and 8 make 27.777% of all possible combinations. And the mathematical probability of rolling dice 5 times and not rolling a 6 or 8 is only 5.5% You have a 94.5% chance of rolling a 6 or 8 in 5 rolls. This is why no one lays the 6 or 8. The math does not support this at all.

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