LED Craps Table Live Action Come Bet Strategy!

Craps Strategy Video Information:

Live LED Craps table action. With this video I thought I would show how to use the come bet, come bet odds, and pressing odds. This was working pretty well for me. I am no dealer and understand the game of craps for the most part. But I can make mistakes.

The table in the video is available for purchase at my Etsy shop. Click the link below.

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LED Craps Table Live Action Come Bet Strategy!

8 thoughts on “LED Craps Table Live Action Come Bet Strategy!

  1. Thank you for the kind comment OG. Yes all the wood and light was done by myself. A lot of trail and error until I came up with the right product.

  2. Nice effort here.  Thanks for the video and the nice woodworking.  On the Come bets:….why don't you just pay yourself "on and off".  At 11:10 You have a Come bet on the eight with odds and a Come bet working.  You throw an 8.  So you're "on and off"  the 8.  You've been taking the pay-off on the Come bet-with-odds and then taking all that down only to place the Come bet back on the 8 and putting odds on it and finally putting a new come bet up..  In casinos they just leave everything alone and pay you the winnings with a come bet 'working'.  Same result.  Much easier.

  3. I hope you still don’t play the come bet odds with your place bets, that just giving money to the casino.

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