Low Cost Craps Strategy | $10 Table

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This low cost craps strategy uses the top 5 low cost bets on a $10 table. The top 5 bets were determined by using a cost per hour analysis. This does not mean thees are the “best” bets which are usually determined by the casino house edge, but simple the cheapest bets to make per hour. The hard way bets are included and even though typically consider a bad bet as the casino keeps are large percentage take of each win, they are a very low cost bet to make per hour as they have a low minimum, and are not a one roll bet, with minimal decisions per hour.

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10 thoughts on “Low Cost Craps Strategy | $10 Table

  1. My goodness I guess if you’re ever the shooter at a table I’m on I’ll be playing the horn a lot

  2. Did you notice he rolled big red with point on within 5 rolls like he rolled out in a previous video?

  3. I dont think my casino will allow 10 buy bet. Has to be at least 20. At least they collect vig on the win.

  4. I've watched a lot of your videos. I notice you never set your dice. Do you think setting dice is a superstition or waste of time?

  5. A great low cost strategy to kill time while the girlfriend or wife gets ready for dinner.
    Just Saying

  6. Nice shooting! And love it when you're upbeat and joking around even though you're serious about teaching the game of craps. Can't wait to interview you again with how dicecom went.

  7. How come you press the 6/8 but no the 4 or 10 on a win? Because they're more likely to hit?

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