Must play this Craps System on $25 Table

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Must play this Craps System on $25 Table

10 thoughts on “Must play this Craps System on $25 Table

  1. Excellent adjustment to squeeze play.. I typically avoid $25 tables, but I kind of want to try this out, because you're out of it in only two hits. Grapefruit.

  2. What the hell is hanging out of Dennis’s ear. Lame ! I’m glad he combed his hair or got a hair cut. Lose the earring pal. Poser.

  3. I can see you're trying to get out on the 4 & 10 after one win, but if you're willing to stay on the Inside 4… you can get to a $160 Across (+$15) with 2 wins on 2 different Inside 4 numbers:
    ”3 Up/Down & Out” Starts with a $220 Inside 4, OFF on Come outs,

    Regress Win #1 Inside number down 1 green unit (down to $25/$30), and…

    → Press the ‘Other 3’ Inside numbers ‘Up’ 1 green unit (up to $75/$90),

    Any win on the Other 3 ‘Up’ Place bet numbers, go to $160 Across,

    → If Win #1 number wins again (before other 3 regress), cover the 4 or 10.

    (Note: after 2 different Inside numbers win, you can regress the 3 Up numbers to $50/60, and now you have at most $195 Inside for a cost of $20)

  4. Hey guys, can you please talk for 5-10 minutes before getting into it?! It went right into the strategy so I pressed the dislike button twice next time I’ll press it four times.

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