10 thoughts on “My best craps strategy yet A place to lay

  1. Any thoughts to changing the Lay bet to a 4 or 10 ? Leave the 8 place bet the same? Seems you are bucking the odds a bit on the come out roll for the Lay bet?

  2. So good to see you back! Really like this strategy and I think it is your best one so far. Will definitely be trying it out this weekend at the casino.

  3. This strategy scales well. 30/60/90/120….etc. Even on SRR less than 5, it survives well. So for the it's to rich for me crowd it scales well. You don't have to run sweet 49 either. I run my inside strategy I like. It doesn't matter. Play what you wish once you get that first hit. Great strategy Crappy. Hope you are having a great summer.

  4. Thinking out of the box a bit more: When you win $140 on 8, why not go ahead and take 6 & 8 to $42 each and 5 & 9 to $25 each. You'd be two steps closer to getting set up and still get to rack $6. First hit on 6 or 8 after that so as to collect $49, take both 5 & 9 to $35 each?

    You could also lay the 5 for a bit more while placing the 8. I used my craps spreadsheet to figure out which of my tossing sets produces the most 8's, while also producing the fewest number of losing 5's. Also did that for lay6 and place 8. It boosts my player's advantage when it comes to winning the first bet more often.

  5. I just tried this out on the practice rig and it did very well. Thx man!! What to think about a $72 lay 6 and place the 8 for 60 on the first hit press everything up by 5&6 and collect the green? Till you seven out playing the inside.

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