My PRO’s and CON’s of the Electronic Roll2Win Craps Table

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My PRO’s and CON’s of the Electronic Roll2Win Craps Table

10 thoughts on “My PRO’s and CON’s of the Electronic Roll2Win Craps Table

  1. Agree 100% with your comments. Also, maybe it's just me, but I see rolls that go longer on these tables than on the regular felt/wool tables. Another con is maintenance. They have tendency to break down completely or some terminals are not working often. The Trop in Atlantic City removed their table in February due to dealer inexperience and criminal activity. Resorts in AC blocks out the terminals at position SL1 and SR1 because they feel it gives too much advantage to the shooters. Good job.

  2. Another pro is that since it's considered a slot machine in its game type, you can listen to music and headphones while at the table

  3. Only played it 3 times, not available out here, I did like it, great pros and cons, good video

  4. Which casinos have $5 tables? I only know of casino Arizona having this table and their minimum is $10

  5. When you get payed I take it is a slip of paper with the amount. What happens at the cashier cage do you have to pay taxes right then and there?

  6. Where I play they have it in automatic mode which is nice as it is open when they do not have dealers for the “real” table also let’s me work on strategies with a low bankroll.

  7. Parx casino outside of Philly both dice have to hit the wall. We had a point 6 not count but a few rolls later there was a 7 out and the dealer didn't count that. At least he was consistent. That was at roll 30. The guy ended up rolling all the way to 46 rolls. They also will not let you set the dice at Parx. What ever number the dealer gives you that is the set you have to shoot with. I like the table minimums because I don't have a bankroll for a $15 table.

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