Pass It Over A Craps Strategy by Midnight Madness

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So has all of this sheltering in place started to drive you a little crazy? Have you been overtaken by the madness? There are some craps strategies out there that require you to be a little mad!

Midnight Madness has developed a strategy that requires a little risk! Its a standard inside strategy, press bets for 3 hits, push your luck one more time, then pull down the profits and start over again.

Will it make money? Check it out and see!

Another Midnight has actually run this strategy on his channel.
Check out another view from Midnight Train 66

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Pass It Over A Craps Strategy by Midnight Madness

10 thoughts on “Pass It Over A Craps Strategy by Midnight Madness

  1. I like how you consistently got the dice to sit down near the wall….hardly any rolling around

  2. It did that as soon as the stupid politician opened his mouth and said we all had to do it! In practice, I hit the ATS at least once a week. Usually, I get half of it every few rolls. I CANNOT wait to get back to a real casino!

  3. I like your honesty most people would just edit out everything keep up the good work

  4. I'm Liking the Green Screen (effect) of your head (and in the intro) and during gameplay. haha. very nice!! Much better (than a full square) covering the table view. 😉 Fun Stuff!!!

  5. Nice strategy! That one looks like it has big potential. EXCELLENT throws as well. GTC seems to be really paying off now.

  6. Love it. Your video is awesome and I enjoyed this strategy and your narration. Cheers!

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