3 thoughts on “Press from the outside in craps strategy

  1. Might try moving the bets, instead of adding numbers. One score on the 4/10 and move to the 5/9, then the 6/8. OR, you could switch to Feed the 6 & 8, after the 4/10 win.

  2. Not a bad strategy, and it does require a lot of patience ! Once you collect and start using house money, the thinking begins * I really don't have too much patience, I just don't like the idea of missing a bunch of numbers ! For me, once I hit the 5 or 9, or the 4 or 10 again, my next free bet ( net ) would go on the 6 or 8, and at this time if the 6 or 8 is the point, I'd stack the point on a collect press basis !! Just curious, what if you are the Shooter ?? Would you shoot from the Pass or Don't Pass,
    or just rely on a random shooter, or a Shooter who uses a dice Set ??
    I'm headed to the Biloxi coast Sat,
    And will devote my dice time, to playing and developing this Strategy !! All Strategies work if the Dice cooperates, and I hate to miss out or the Roll of a hot Shooter !
    Thanks, good luck 🎲🎲

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