Pure Profit from Second roll and beyond.

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Todays dice advice strategy shows how we can have a profit after avoiding the 7 for one roll, then every roll after is just profit. Too much upfront risk? that’s up to you to decide.

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Pure Profit from Second roll and beyond.

10 thoughts on “Pure Profit from Second roll and beyond.

  1. After your first hit, when you regress, do you get your vig returned on the 4/10, if you had to pay the vig up front?

  2. I like squeeze systems, but I'd stay out of the field. I've got enough going on to keep track of

  3. That's absolutely insane, and the field bet is just bleeding money such a worthless bet. Just play $180 across and enjoy the game

  4. i play a very similar strategy on Crapsee but wait to play the $640 until shooter has thrown 2 simultaneous box numbers after the come out. avoid the PSO and DSB, one hit and down then wait until 7 or go to 96 across. typically dont see an advantage to any further bet as 7 is likely to come in next 2-3 rolls.

  5. Too risky for me but I like the idea!

    Off topic, I'm headed up to Sacramento to the Hard Rock Casino, they unfortunately only have Card Craps because it's california. Is there anything I should expect? Is there a certain or better way to play card craps?

  6. Gotta call it as it is–Jeremy–you could see the ice🧊all over this Extremely COLD🥶frozen table!😳

    That you got a 20% return with just 4 ICE COLD🥶shooters using a Purely Light Side strategy was Excellent! Eric's strategy did Amazingly Well for a "Light side only" strategy! Send him a Big Thank You! ..alright maybe you could send him some of your dice…okay…one of those knives if you really feel the need…after slamming the strategy…👍

    You slammed the strategy saying how unsure you were. Eric deserved more credit than that…👍👍

    Had you played a "Dark side" strategy and Lay'd the 4 and 10 each for $200, and a DP for $150– (same $$ involved) and an Initial Great Strategy for a ICE 🧊COLD table-First shooter-with only Point + 4 rolls- Profit $350! Shooter 2 was also a Point +4 rolls–and another $350 win.

    Third FROZEN🥶🧊Ice COLD shooter with ONLY Point +2, got the same $350-BUT because he had a "come out" 7, we "lost" $150 on the DP, BUT Made $200 on the Lay 4 & 10-so we get another Net of $50- for a $400 Win! Your 4th shooter made it–Wow😳–all the way to point +6! That's another $350 in Pure profit!

    So, Yeah, Ultra COLD 🥶Table-where-Nope-Nobody hit a point AND Nobody made it past Point +6—-That's "Dark side" strategy time. It's okay to tell people about the "Dark side"…even if you're Not playing it in this limited example. In just 4 quick short rolls–the "Dark side" WON $1,450 (using the same $$)–or MORE than 120% profit in under 15 minutes!

    If you're "nervous" or "worried" about "so much money"–label That as you own anxiety and fear–Not Eric's. Eric–with a Light side only, on a cold, frozen table, made a 20% profit –That Was Amazing!

    Remember–you want to educate people to become good Craps Players–not Just Limited Light side Only, small dollar only, fearful players worried about the "7".

    And, please tell Eric his Strategy–for a "Light side" Only strategy on a Ice 🧊COLD 🥶table Was Very Good! Come on-give credit where credit is due!👍👍

  7. I have been very successful with the iron cross. Just had the dice for 30 min the other day. It was lovely.

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