Putting “YouTube’s Best Craps Strategy” to the Challenge

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Putting “YouTube’s Best Craps Strategy” to the Challenge is the latest episode of the Color Up challenge where club members take me on in a challenge of strategies. Today’s challenger plays the youtube famous, best craps strategy, otherwise known as the $75 Don’t Come. Will it win, watch and find out!

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Putting “YouTube’s Best Craps Strategy” to the Challenge

10 thoughts on “Putting “YouTube’s Best Craps Strategy” to the Challenge

  1. Lots of work for the dealers. You must watch to make sure they payout correctly! I would place $5 – 11 on come out DC roll for protection

  2. Point=5 DC=9
    For those who don't know.
    The Do Not Pass Line(DNPL) can be pulled down any time. Only if you are the shooter must you then have to place a Pass Line(PL) bet. (Any amount table min.) Mario could have…
    $75 DNPL (aim-1,2,4,10,) result pt.5
    Pull down DNPL & place
    $10 PL & $75 DC (aim-1,2,4,5,10,)
    Result 9 so point=5 DC=9
    Why aim for 1,2,4,5,10?
    #1 or 2 =DC 75$ win, pt. still 5, 75$DC still up or (5&9= same odds)
    #5=point 10$win, DC=#5, puck off, $10 pass line bet, =now rolling for the 7 &/or point with #5 being "dark" instead of #9.
    A Don't Come bet Pays even money
    on 4,5,6,8,9, or 10. it is the odds behind the DC that Pay the
    (4&10), (5&9), and (6&8) lay odds respectively.
    Better to DC ON to 4 or 10 as they have less single number Expected Probability(3of36) than the other numbers 5,9, & 6,8.

  3. It just didn’t work for me when I tried it. I would always get a DC on 6 or 8, then roll a 6 or 8, immediately followed by a 7. The $75 bets would lose fast.

  4. When I first started playing craps I played the don't come until I learned it is a losing strategy. Best bet is to wait until somebody rolls a 10 and then start laying bets on the ten until there is a 7 out. 10 is hard to roll for most people. Start with a $30 lay. If it hits move it to 80. If it hits the third time – an unlikely occurrence – lay $250. Will the 10 hit four times before a 7 out? Possible but highly improbable.

  5. I think the problem with many craps players is they always need to have action. If people want to make money they need to bet smart, conservatively, and adjust their play to the conditions – individual table and the abilities and proclivities of other players. One of the best talents a craps player can develop is rolling a 7 consistently. Betting the Do Not Come, establishing a point, and rolling a 7 is easier than establishing a point and attempting to roll the number again.

    There is that old adage about too many hands in the pot. Keeping things simple by playing the pass/ do not pass and maybe buying some numbers is the best way to play. I also think playing odds is a bad idea, even though it is supposedly the best bet in the house. I see people playing odds losing all their money all the time.

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