7 thoughts on “Risk-free 7 craps strategy part 4

  1. You did good. This works for you when you don't press. I think you would do well as a don't player

  2. I ran a variation of this strategy on my home table tonight. $200 buy in, $5 pass line, $25 lay bet on the 4 and $22 inside.

    I hit the 4, 3 times pretty close together, so I changed it up. Moved the lay bet to the 10 and started to do a little better. I did not play the doey/don’t!

    First and second wins, I racked the reds and put the whites on the hard 10. Gave me a little protection on the 10. From there I kept tossing the dice. When I got the 7, I lost my pass line and the hardway. But I did grind out $120 profit before I called it a night. I’ll be taking this one to the casino this weekend!

  3. Wouldn't this be a good strategy for crapless craps too? You can lay the 4 or 10 and place the other 9 numbers. If you find a $5 table, $47 across and lay either the 4 or 10 for $100 and collect on every roll except a 4/10. That would be for the person that likes to collect on each roll.

  4. Blue….my man "Loved this is new new favorite strategie " 👀👌…. we bounced ideas back and forth between us 2 b come stronger than THOR😁 THX again 4 for adjustments on a ALREADY HOT 🔥🔥🔥 VIDEO…pure magic 🎯

  5. I have to admit, the best part of the video is the father and son interaction bro.. He is a great son !! bless him.

    The strategy part is solid BC. problem is 2 hits on your Hedge would be detrimental and you would need 7 hits to recover each one of them so 14 hits in total @ $14 each hit

  6. Hey blue my man…. your an amazing mind🎯… (only once you are ahead)… use the hedge funds for prop bets for how they pay 1 hit and u win (sounds good huh) put this on video…. thx again

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