Short Game – Craps Betting Strategy

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Short Game – Craps Betting Strategy is part of the Dice Advice series and this strategy was submitted by Chris B of Colorado. He suggests to get in and get out with your bets and win at craps with the short game. He starts with a $66 inside place bet on the 5,6,8, and 9. After first win, you press your bets up one unit to an $88 inside bet. After second win, press up one unit to $110. After third win, you would collect the $35 win and pull your bets down and wait until next shooter.

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Short Game – Craps Betting Strategy

10 thoughts on “Short Game – Craps Betting Strategy

  1. This is very cool. I like the structure of the betting and pressing simplicity. Cheers! I really enjoy watching your videos.

  2. looks similar to an inside 22 game. I would take some wins first before i start pressing. thats just me though. craps is always fun or it at least should be. ")

  3. Nice! This is just how my attempt of Ultimate 66 went at the casino last week – bunch of point seven outs. I didn't know it, but it was the "Short Game" – I was in and out within the hour!

  4. Hey color up, I just wanted to let you know I have my own channel now (this is Team Lerrur). If you wanna drop by I would love your input. It’s nothing compared to yours, but it’s a work in progress.

  5. Great videos! Suggestion for next time: Return bet just catch the dealer before pulling down your inside $66. QUICKLY toss in the $66 to keep up your numbers. Make quicker work so you are not rebuilding the layout each time after the dreaded 7. Not that losing quickly is fun… But just an idea.

    Any more videos coming for dark side strategy? I know, Dark side is no fun to play you have to do all of your celebrating inside and not look at anyone…. I used to play a strategy as $10 table and lay single odds. $10 on the DON'T once number is established I would lay single odds $12, $15 or $20 depending on the number. I would follow into the don't come for 2 numbers. Also follow that with laying single odds as done on the don't pass. I would return 1 time if a number was knocked down. after that I just wait.

    enjoy watching all of the different strategies!

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