Subscriber Suggested Craps Betting Strategy: Stokum’s Razor (Michael Stokem)

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Here it is: a subscriber-suggested craps betting strategy that comes from Michael Stokum. Michael suggests that he would play two box numbers, and when one hits, he would collect the winnings AND take down the bet on the winning box number. At that point, you’ve got a small profit, and on the following hit, you can replace the original bet and play on profits alone.

I hope you enjoy the content, and if you want me to play your strategy, simply post it in the comments!

This video is intended for entertainment only. The strategies illustrated are not a guarantee or promise of winnings in any way. Gamble legally at your own risk.

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Subscriber Suggested Craps Betting Strategy: Stokum’s Razor (Michael Stokem)

10 thoughts on “Subscriber Suggested Craps Betting Strategy: Stokum’s Razor (Michael Stokem)

  1. I would like to see this played as a player inside where you pair up the numbers.
    Could try 5&9 and 6&8 or 5&6 and 8&9 etc. Very simple and I like the maths behind it

  2. I call this system "10 Below"

    Don't pass with matching odds once established  

    1) 12      (12 odds)   2) 30      (30 odds)  
    3) 60      (60 odds)  
    4) 90      (90 odds)  
    5) 120    (120 odds) 

    *Advance to next level ONLY when Point is lost.

    Lay 10 (or 4) works on comeout roll ONLY

    1) 50
    2) 100
    3) 120
    4) 180
    5) 240

    *IF lost then full odds that round.

  3. Hey, CT – GL with the surgery! When you said this strategy was a little elementary, I thought you meant “…to succeed.” Upon reflection, I know you know that any strategy can succeed if the dice roll your way, so I take you to mean “…to be engaging to watch.” I would agree. In fact, you could lock up more profit and maintain more action by going to 22 inside after a hit. Also, while place bets on the 5 and 9 are going to give this version of the strategy a higher house edge, it will decrease your volatility as evidenced in this video. I think you mentioned (watched this in 2 sittings) one of the points of this strategy is that $5 tables are not currently available in much of the country. Fair point, but I’m sure I’m not your only viewer who is patiently building his bankroll until a vaccine and $5 tables are available. 😊 Thanks again for a great video, and take your time making the next one until you have had a chance to recuperate!

  4. Glad things went well for you!
    Would like to throw this your way.
    Please try $30 across each box number.
    Take 4 hits, and then continuously feed $30 into the DC and see how it works.(may have to do 5 hits if things go horribly wrong)

  5. Why wait to establish a point? Work on the come out after a 7. The way to do this is to lay the 4 and 10 for 100 and the 5 and 7 for $75. (If they are rolled after the come out). 3 rolls and down. If you hit the 6 or 8 on one the first two rolls, take the lay down and turn bets off. If you hit 6 or 8 on the come out, collect and turn off until the next shooter If you hit the lay, just put it on the DP. Works very well.

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