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See if I can take $200 and turn it into a profit! Great series to watch if you are a casual gambler or like to play lower level sessions. Easy strategy to play – Hybrid Iron Cross strategy that can be played at any table limit. I show it on a bubble craps machine at a low level. Just adjust amounts up or down based on the minimum table limit and your bank roll.

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10 thoughts on “SUCCESS!!! – BUBBLE CRAPS FUN!!! – $200 CHALLENGE!

  1. Thanks for the strategy! You always say, any strategy can win or lose, but with this one, I felt like we minimized some risk, and was on the board and ready to take advantage of long rolls. It's scalable up or down depending on your risk tolerance. Great strategy!!

  2. Big AZ kind of does the something, he has a big DP and presses all the box numbers with his profits but he doesn't put a lay bet

  3. Great video!

    Can you explain to me the benefits of laying the 4?

    Also, what's the difference between placing and buying a number?

  4. I LOVE these videos. I prefer them over the table. Because of how personal it is, and how relatable it is to me because im a low roller.

  5. I’m a new subscriber and these videos are fun to watch! I’ve learned a lot by watching you explain strategies, thanks for the content 👍

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